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What is Apsis?

Apsis is a market-leading solution for creating, sending and tracking e-mail newsletters. With a number of time-saving functions, Apsis Newsletter Pro helps you personalize content and improve your statistics. It makes your newsletter workflow easier, more efficient– and a lot more fun!

With our Magento integration your customers can subscribe to your Apsis newsletter directly from your Magento store, using the built-in newsletter subscription functionality in Magento.

What companies does Apsis fit for?

Apsis is the perfect newsletter solutions for any mid- to large-range companies wanting the most professional Newsletter system in the market.

What does Apsis cost?

Contact Apsis to get a quote on your exact needs.

What does the Apsis integration with Magento cost?


Integration module (one-time)Installation/configuration
NOK 2500,-By the time spent


  • You will need to buy Apsis' API module as well. Contact Apsis for details on this.
  • We charge all time spent on setting up and configuring the integration, except if the installation/configuration service has been added.

How does the Magento backend functionality look like?

How do I get started with Apsis and Magento?

  1. Go to and order the wanted package. Note that you also need to order Apsis' API module
  2. Order the Magento integration for Apsis from our website
  3. When you have got the Apsis login credentials you need to log in to Apsis and create a subscription list which shall be used for the webshop and you have to have account settings for REST API.
  4. Send the details over to us at or together with your store name and we will complete the setup (if installation/setup has been ordered)


Send an email for Norge and for Sweden and we will help you out immediately.

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