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The Google Spreadsheets Magento integration is the very popular solution that lets you as the store-owner administer/maintain your products directly in a Google Spreadsheet, with live update/sync to your Magento store.

How does this work?

Our Google Spreadsheet integration with Magento gives you access to a pre-defined Google Spreadsheet fitted for your needs (i.e with the product columns of your choice).

  1. Contact Trollweb to get a Google Spreadsheet of your needs set up. Make sure to share your Google account email address (does NOT need to be a address, but must be a valid Google account address) so that we can share the spreadsheet with you (and anyone you prefer).
  2. Start adding- and maintaining products in the spreadsheet - and continously update the content to Magento.

What columns/fields/attributes can I maintain from the spreadsheet?

Any standard Magento field can be maintained from the Google Spreadsheet, but each field must be coordinated with Trollweb prior to maintaining it. Contact support if you need new fields added to the spreadsheet.

Can I maintain only stock values and prices from the spreadsheet?

Yes, you update the fields you want to.

What Magento product types can we administer through the Google Spreadsheet integration?

The solution supports Simple- and Configurable products.

For the Configurable option you can also automatically "attach" Simple products to a specific Configurable product.

How do I "tell" the spreadsheet to update a certain record/line/row?

Just write the word "UPDATE" in the A column and the product in that row will be updated in Magento within normally less than a minute.

Can I sync the products from Magento to the Google Spreadsheet?

No. That is, you can copy+paste any product details from another source (like a Magento product export) into the spreadsheet, and continue maintaining it there.

How much does this magic cost?

The solution has a startup/setup price of NOK 5.000,- and monthly price of NOK 190,- which includes all neccessary software and updates. Setup, support or maintenance are charged by the time spent. Initial setup normally takes anywhere between 2-10 hours depending of the complexity of your product setup.


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