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The Vipps Payment integration for Magento lets your customers pay with Vipps Payment in the store.

How does it work?

The Vipps integration works like any other Magento payment method, with some minor differences on how the actual payment is being done, given how Vipps works.

After the customer has chosen Vipps as the payment method in the checkout, and Confirmed the order, they are being sent to a "Waiting page" which sends a push signal to their Vipps app on their mobile phone. Once the payment has been approved there, it sends back a push signal to the Magento webshop, which in turn completes the purchase.

What order manangement features are supported?

The Vipps module for Magento supports invoicing, crediting, and also part payment.


Note that you need to have money on your Vipps account in order for crediting to work. You can get more info on Vipps accounts from Vipps.

What are the requirements for using Vipps for Magento?

Your store must be running a newer version of Magento. We only officially support the latest Magento CE 1.9.2.x and Magento EE 1.14.2.x, though it might work fine in previous versions as well.

Vipps requires SSL

Note that Vipps and we strongly recommend using SSL (https). All Trollweb clients get free SSL.

What does the Vipps integration module for Magento cost?

The module costs NOK 10.000,- + 20% required annual maintenance cost, which includes unlimited number of updates for Magento 1.

Installation, setup and any eventual customizations are charged by the hour, and normally takes anywhere between 5-10 hours depending on the complexity of the Magento installation.

Can any Magento store get Vipps?

Unfortunately no.

Due to extremely high demands for Vipps, DNB has had to do a manual approval on a per-Magento-store basis.

As a rule of thumb all mid-size to large Magento stores will be granted access to implement Vipps, however this is a decision that DNB needs to make.

  • Send an email directly to Otto Kristoffersen in DNB/Vipps ( with some details about your Magento store, and to check if you are granted access to have Vipps implemented on your store.

What about Magento 2?

A version for Magento 2 will be available shortly. Let us know if you want to be on the interest list for this.

How do I get started?

  1. Sign up with Vipps (or contact DNB)
  2. Make sure they notify us ( when the agreement is ready so that we can generate the neccessary security certificates and send to them
  3. After normally a few days you receive the merchant details including final certificate credentials, which we set up in the Magento store
  4. DNB runs a testing/approval of the store's stage installation, whereas afterwards we deploy the module on production and set it LIVE

How do i refund money to a customer on a Vipps order?

There are two ways to refund money:

  1. Create a credit memo from the invoice, read more about that here: Kreditering av faktura.
  2. Use the refund wizard included with the Vipps module, which lets you refund any amount that is equal or less to the captured amount on an order, without creating an credit memo.

Refund Wizard

The wizard can be found in admin under System → Configuration → Vipps → Refund Wizard

Enter the order number you want to refund

Enter the amount you want to refund (period are used for decimal number, and not comma)

Make sure that you get a green success message after submiting the amount

How to initiate another request for failed payments

Use the "Request payment wizard" included in the Vipps module, which lets you send a new push notice for an existing failed Vipps payment. 

Please note that the request is only valid for 5 minutes after sending it.

The wizard can be found in admin under System → Configuration → Vipps → Request payment wizard

Enter the order number you wish to send another payment request for

Details of order will be shown, double check the amount and you can also leave a message for the customer to receive

You cannot change the phone number

Make sure you get the green message at the top to be sure the request has been sent. You can capture the amount once the customer has accepted the payment

Once the payment has been accepted you can capture the amount

Make sure you see the green message at the top stating the payment has been captured

You can find the overview over all the requested payments from the first page where you look up order ID's

What is the payment method system name for Vipps?

The system name you need to use in the ERP integration (for example in Navimage): 



It's very important that you inform your ERP-supplier about payment method mapping (new payment method is coming in) already early in the process so that they have time to do necessary changes as well.

Developer API documentation for Vipps (Vipps eCommerce APIs v2)

API documentation could be found on Vipps Github repo:

I have some questions related to Vipps for Magento

Send an email to and we'll get back asap.

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